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 Civil Structures Since 1982

Thomas Marine Construction was founded in 1982 by its former owner, Dean C Thomas, PE. The company has been based at 8999 High Cotton Lane, Fort Myers, FL since its first permanent office was built in 1985. In 2007 Dean Thomas, wishing to retire, sold the stock in the Florida Corporation that is Thomas Marine Construction to Owen Ames Kimball Company in a carefully arranged transaction that allowed TMC’s day to day operation to continue unchanged. The match was ideally suited.

The home office of Thomas Marine is operated largely independent of the parent company, but benefits from the exceptional insurance and bonding capacity of the parent. We offer personalized small company service, yet are backed by more than 120 years of employee owned stability and financial strength.

Owen Ames Kimball was founded in 1892 and has constructed many bridges mostly decades ago. The bridge and structure construction photos from our company on this page date all the way back to 1938. TMC’s parent company has been building structures similar to those we build today for many decades!